We are a community of young leaders addressing the burnout epidemic.


    We live in a fast-paced, digital-first, hyper-connected world.

    A world where we feel called to take action on issues we care about, where it’s also harder than ever to create space for ourselves.

    What has this led to? The burnout epidemic.


    Burnout refers to prolonged periods of physical, mental, and emotional degradation, caused by overwork or stress.

    Burnout is an experience that many go through, yet is rarely discussed.

    This is our chance to pause and reflect on why we keep working through cycles of burnout, and begin an honest dialogue.




    We facilitate workshops to understand the root causes of burnout through open and exploratory dialogue.


    In collaboration with experienced practitioners, we help link personal experiences to systemic causes, and learn tangible strategies forward.


    We create spaces in which people can share their experiences without judgement.


    Members of our private Burnout Project Community listen and support one another in their journeys towards regeneration and personal sustainability.


    We curate resources to support community members in their journeys beyond the workshop.


    Our facilitators and community members share their burnout experiences, self-care strategies, and relevant articles with one another.

  • TEAM

    We created this because we were burnt out too.

    Leah Bae


    Leah is committed to building healthy communities through political and civic engagement. Leah is the Founder of Cause Digital, a digital consultancy for social impact specializing in digital campaigns and community engagement.

    Zoya Jiwa


    Zoya is a Program Designer dedicated to building resilient and user-centred communities. Zoya is also the Founder of As We Are, an interview series that explores what it means to live a vibrant life with chronic illness.

    With special thanks to: Alyssa McDonald, Nicola Carter, Rohan Nuttall, Sally Lin, Emma Kavanagh, Jess Furmanski, George Benson, Veronika Bylicki, Manisha Narula, Robert Beamish, RADIUS SFU, and the WEF Global Shapers Vancouver Hub.


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